Service to my Community

IESEA Inland Empire Solar Energy Association logo1978 With other interested professionals I helped start the Inland Empire Solar Energy Association (IESEA) – part of ISES – and a sister to PNWSEA (Pacific NW Solar Energy Association) and WWSEA (Western Washington Solar Energy Association).  With by-laws and non-profit status, we had monthly meetings to share skills, talents and interests of our members.  A bi-monthly newsletter was mailed with information and action programs.  Our territory covered Wenatchee to Tri-Cities to Enaville, Idaho.  We toured a variety of solar dwellings including ones in Richland, Soap Lake, Wilson Creek.  Photos available upon request for interested souls.
By 1982, parenting was more important than solar design and education. The focus and mailing address for IESEA was changed to Spokane, WA with Cris Salsbury. With Washington grants IESEA then morphed into Solar Washington.
1981-1995  Musician and envisioning designer for North Idaho Unity Center
1983        Class ‘C’ Building Inspector
1987         Class ‘B’ Building Inspector
1997-2003   Musician and Architectural Designer for Unity Center of North Spokane, WA.  With the Dream Team we envisioned and manifested an 80-foot-diameter dome.  Dome is now finished and located at 4123 East Lincoln Rd., Spokane.  Check out their website:

1998               Upon my return to north Idaho and resuming design work with Bill Dahlberg (see below) and manifesting a solar/sustainable home for Hindman and Williamson near Rockford, I helped organize the Inland NW & SE BC Chapter of NW Ecobuilding Guild.

NW Ecobuilding Guild banner

  Bruce Millard architect from Sandpoint became regional president and did a fine job of encouraging creativity and community within the regional membership.  Now it is time for local growth and development everywhere.
2002               Summer delivery by Jim Wavada of WA State Ecology Dept. of the first NWEcobuilding Guild Information Booth (designed and built by Sandra Fugate, guild member from Olympia Chapter)  to my garage in Athol.
In September the Inland Chapter officers attended an inspiring talk by William McDonough speaking at the Spokane Opera House on Cradle-to-Cradle concepts and principles.  Admission was a can of food.   I updated  information on the nine booth panels to positive, action-oriented ideas based on chapters from McDonough’s book, CRADLE TO CRADLE – with a sprinkling of local interest. Check out the website – – McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry – and add your email.
2003           Walla Walla Renewable Energy Festival.
NW Ecobuilding Guild booth won first prize for information booth.  We had dinner with college bigshots and Amory Lovins – before his inspiring talk on effectively running the energy picture in the USA.  We realized when Lovins or comparable soul runs the Deptartment of Energy our nation can get out of debt.  I connected with Lovins because he also loves and plays classical piano.
2006-07     Second NW Ecobuilding Guild Booth design and assembly – successful design by University of Idaho Architecture students of lightweight, portable, tamvong bamboo and strawboard, modular, waterproof kiosk – designed and built to fit the boot of one’s car.  In spring information on panels developed based on MBDC Cradle-to-Cradle principles.  Graphics to be shared anon.
Guild membership logo
Stay tuned for evolution into a Green Librarian.
Zapcar Spokane, WA
Winter 2007       First Sustainable Living Series       “Just Give Me the Warm Power of the Sun”
  •  sponsored by KSALibraries, NW Ecobuilding Guild, ClimateCAN & DOMA Coffee
  • locations:  because of library remodel, first event took place at my home/office in Athol – the rest of the events at Post Falls Library.
  • 8 sections covering energy, building, organic gardening, community and global warming with 5 speakers.  March-April-May 2007
Winter 2008       Second Sustainable Living Series       “It’s not Easy Being Green”
  •  sponsored by NW Ecobuilding Guild, ClimateCAN and DOMA coffee
  • locations:  Athol Community Center, Athol Library and Sunrise Design Center in Athol.
  • 6 sections – community health, transportation energy, building, garden and energy.  February-March 2008
Winter 2009       Third Sustainable Living Series         “Gorgeously Green”
  •   sponsored by NW Ecobuilding Guild and DOMA coffee
  •   locations: CDA Library Community Meeting Room, Athol Library & Sunrise Design Center in Athol.
  • 6 sections – transportation energy, community health, building, solar, SLUG, and worm composting
Spring 2010  Sustainability 101 at North Idaho College    “Waste   Water   Food    Power”
Speakers – Films – Panels – Hands-on projects
  • sponsored by Cardinal Connections and all the contributors – thank you!
  • location:  North Idaho College Boswell Hall Schuler Auditorium
  • 4 sections – WASTE  WATER  FOOD  POWER
Spring 2011  CDA Earth Day 2011 at CDA Library        “Earth Day Everyday”
  • sponsored by City of CDA and CDA Green Team – thank you!
  • location:  CDA Library Community Meeting Room
  • variety of activities – see posters around the bio-region
Spring 2012  CDA Earth Day Fair – “In Your Backyard”
  • Sunday, April 22, 2012  from noon to 3 PM
  • sponsored by City of CDA and Kootenai Environmental Alliance
  • location:  CDA Library Community Meeting Room
  • variety of activities – all FREE – see posters around the bio-region
  • check out


Spring 2013  Sandpoint Earth Day Festival

  • Saturday, April 20, 2013 from 11 to 4 PM
  • sponsored by Idaho Conservation League
  • location:  Forrest Bird Charter School
  • variety of activities and booths including the NW Ecobuilding Guild booth