Wichetty's TribeWitchetty’s Tribe cover
Aboriginal Cartoon Fun No. 8 by Eric Joliffe. Printed and published in Australia for transmission by post as a book – by Sungravure Ltd., NSW – 1950’s.
just when I got the baby to sleep!

“YOU WOULD! Just when I get the

baby to sleep!”

weight loss

“I’ll have to reduce – or nothing I’ve got’ll fit me!”
ants in the ear

“Hmm. White ants.”


what do you mean, whew?

“What d’you mean – phew?!”
some aborigine portraits artist

some portraits of Witchetty’s
some portraits by artist

some more portraits of Witchetty’s Tribe
a few excerpts from Witchetty’s Tribe by Eric Jolliffe – No. 8 Cartoon Fun – printed and published in Australia by Sungravure Ltd., NSW – 1950’s -stay tuned for more!